Across the globe, the healthcare industry is going through major shifts for delivering the best LIS software. Due to healthcare demand, care providers are expanding market segment with effective and cost-efficient delivery models to deliver quality care.

It is imperative for care providers to move beyond traditional care and strive towards a ‘patient centric care’ delivery model. Thus, helping in gaining new patients and keep existing ones by delivering innovative and convenient care of highest quality.

SPANCO HEALTH® will constantly share defined process and policies that will improve the way healthcare services are expressed by partners. For instance, be it Hospitals, Clinics, Pathology Labs, or Diagnostic Centers.

Web based LIS - cloudlims

Who We Are?
SPANCO HEALTH® a customer-centric organization is located at financial hub of Mumbai (INDIA). AeonLIMS a pathology lab software is a cloud-based solution provider of Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS). Thus, offered as Software as a Service (SaaS). We provide transformation enterprise IT service, hereby helping customers to become smarter, more valuable, responsive and better at predicting future. Leveraging deep industry business and process skill allows us proposing best Enterprise IT and Product services to healthcare industry.
Delivering every project On Time and Within Budget help our customers to streamline processes, reduce costs and boost up efficiency. We have developed pioneering, feature-rich and customer-friendly solution to Clinical and Testing Lab. Let me describe in brief, the enriched features of our product. Firstly, AeonLIMS is a pathology lab software for your laboratory needs which helps in automation of lab practices. Secondly, iBridge, an interface software is a ready to use solution in uni-direction and bi-direction interface mode. In addition, it collects data from clinical equipment and easily transfer required data to LIS / LIMS. In conclusion and most importantly, our product works on cloud structure model offered as SaaS.
Our LIMS lab Solution has presented unique and viable business value to clients through process quality and expertise innovation. With multi-cultural and talented members, brings in competitive gain, advanced and creative views to industry challenges.
Years of Experience
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The Story of Spanco
Leveraging deep industry business and process skill allows us proposing best Enterprise IT and Product services to healthcare industry.


A Brief History
Dealing with LIMS Product for Healthcare Service Providers


Something Big
Demonstrated market success in emerging markets as an early entrant


Team & Innovation
Created Competent Team and Innovated to put foundation of the product on Cloud


Our Discovery
A generic platform for developing highly evolvable business software to address burning issue of LIMS.


Invested with ambition to put innovation on cloud foundation and build a strong LIMS on SAAS model.