iBridge: Customized clinical equipment interface for Linux & Windows environment

iBridge, the leading product of SPANCO HEALTH® is a clinical equipment interface tool for laboratory equipment’s. It provides stable interface link for various clinical equipment’s to computer workstations without any manual interventions. Hence, it swiftly transfers and processes patient information from instrument to human readable format for further processing and patient report generation.

Clinical equipment Interface - Unidirectional Mode.

Uni-directional interfaces are the least difficult type of data exchange and easiest to achieve. Furthermore, it is described as capturing data from instrument and reporting to LIMS. Also, this type of interface often needs extra data, to be entered at the equipment before giving the outcome to LIMS.

Uni-Directional Equipment Interface
Bidirectional Medical Equipment Interface
Medical equipment interface - Bidirectional Mode.

Bi-directional interfaces are more complex, as it includes development of data forward and backward between LIMS, interface and equipment. Thereafter, bi-directional interface would include asking pathology lab software for a list of pending tests for an actual test. While collecting the list of tests, the interface would send work list to instrument. The data is thereafter collected by interface software and delivered back to LIMS.

  • Interfaces with best of class equipment’s in uni-directional and bi-directional mode whether it’s Linux or Windows environment.
  • Convenient tool for easy integration with any outsider LIS / HIS Solutions.
  • High performance handler for multiple equipment’s processing at the same time. Highly user-friendly access with minimum training.
  • Rapid implementation and delivery method. Best Support and issue resolution process for least downtime.
  • Easy to use interface with quick adaptability system use. In short, “What you like, is what you get”
  • Increases accuracy of reported data. Also, reduces the amount of reporting data and getting faster transfer of results in LIMS.
  • Automatic and instant transfer of processed data from clinical instruments.
  • Increase efficiency by 10 times, by avoiding data termination and removing record errors.
  • Complete Audit Log of Data Transfer from equipment with complete audit trial report
  • Allows first level of data verification for the data transferred from clinical equipments.