AeonLIMS: Cloud based LIMS, Best LIS software for your laboratory.
AeonLIMS, is a Cloud-based lab software. One Stop Complete LIS Software for Clinical Research offered as SaaS inspires research laboratories to automate their Lab Workflow. In addition, turn out to be more effective and scaling lab business.

Modern technology is applied to design LIS software. Our LIMS product is easily configurable and flexible for any lab size. Be yours a small, medium or enterprise lab.

  • Patient Appointments for Diagnostics reporting and schedule home calls.
  • Insurance claims and approvals with complete revenue cycle management (RCM).
  • Simplified Patient Reporting for Lab and Diagnostic services.
  • Easy integration to health standards like ICT, CPT, LOINC and SNOMED Codes.
  • Distribution and Acceptance whether within lab or in chain of labs with sample tracking, repeat samples information and sample rejection
  • Delta checks with test and results correlation and thereby providing stop rules for panic values as per CAP standards.
  • Portals for Patient, Doctors and Corporates.
  • Innovative solution, reliable customer service and trusted partner in Client’s Success.
  • 500 plus man-month developed skill of managing 200+ labs and 300+ clinical equipments.
  • Offers solution that brings 10 times operational productivity and improves base line.
  • Creates trends, reports, authentic and sensitive analysis using well available narrated information. Thereby, forming custom-made dashboards for pathologists, clinicians and end users.
  • Flexible and Plug-able solution for ease synchronization to third party solutions. For instance, Biometric, RFID, Barcode scanners and other communication channels reaching clients through mails, sms and portals.
  • Compliance to framework guideline and rules set by legal and certification organizations like 21 CFR Part 11, ISO/IEC 17025, College of American Pathologist (CAP), Clinical Pathology Accreditation (CPA) and National Accreditation Board for Testing & Calibration Laboratories (NABL)
Why Us?

With a dedicated Healthcare Center of Excellence and years of expertise performing on advanced healthcare projects. Spanco Health® knows that quality, reliability and patient safety are main concern when creating lab software products – especially in a distributed environment. With wide selection of innovative offerings, SPANCO HEALTH® sees itself as a best lab software provider to healthcare industry.

SPANCO HEALTH® has established a controlled process for global product expansion that leverages state-of-the-art tools. In addition, helping our experts ensure that our partners receive high-quality products. That are both cost efficient, quick to market and compliant to all health safety standards.

The reason why opt SPANCO HEALTH® as your lab solutions!

Smart Goals: Three smart goals are leaders for good execution of our projects.

  1. Shorter Time
  2. Secured Quality
  3. Simpler Methodology

Project Planning: Planning a project is important by keeping in mind these three simple steps:

  1. Project Vision.
  2. Plan Timelines.
  3. Project Team

Agile People: Agility is DNA related with SPANCO HEALTH®:

  1. Agile to Customer
  2. Adorable Listener
  3. Adopt Technology

New Solutions: SPANCO HEALTH® team is committed and passionate to deliver advanced solutions by following 3 Practices:

  1. Nimble Team
  2. New Learning’s
  3. Normal Feedback

Client Support: Our Support Mantra is to reduce Turn-around Time. Support is driven by three essential objectives:

  1. Customer Empowerment
  2. Consitent Communication
  3. Customer Satisfaction

Organizing Process: SPANCO HEALTH® always assist their customer to organize their processes by adopting below 3 Key Methods.

  1. Our Focus
  2. Outpace Solution
  3. Organized Outcome
What Makes Us Different?

Being efficient is only a profit to those we serve. We group together as customer caring entrepreneurs and trust in celebrating 

“Our achievement and yours”

SPANCO HEALTH®: Delivers Unique Lab Management Software.
For instance, the hardest part to deal with clinical equipment and LIS, is communication understanding of clinical RAW Data. Hence, a translator is essential to get right answers and right care especially in critical and sensitive equipment interaction.
We offer knowledge to our clients that would overcome every chance in terms of speed & quality between clinical equipment’s & LIS communication. Finally, we have been changing on behalf of our clients to provide Equipment–LIS translator.